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Experienced Music Instructors in Washington, DC

Experienced Music Instructors in Washington, DC

Learn how to breathe properly while singing, by working with our experienced music instructors in Washington, DC. Our courses consist of vocal lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and more. Contact our vocal coaches today to learn more.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"It was an honor to be a student at the B Sharp Academy. I learned things that I continue to use today. I would recommend this school to anyone."—Anita K.

"Thanks Daryl for helping me work on the music to one of my songs! You listened to my ideas, helped me articulate what I had heard in my head for the music, and even inspired me to play the piano again. I'll definitely be coming back."—Tiffany S.

"I have been working with Daryl for about six months now for vocal training, and I am so pleased. We have been working on finding intervals, breath control, and connecting with lyrics. Daryl is excellent at coaching to bring out your strengths. My confidence and performance quality have certainly improved since I began taking lessons. Daryl also helped me prepare for an audition for an a cappella group and with his guidance, I was able to perform confidently. Now I am in the group! I leave each lesson feeling good and having learned something new. Thank you, Daryl!"—Avital W.

"Charles Foster, amazing musician and person, taught me guitar and music production for the last two years, and I'm so thoroughly pleased with my experience with him. He's incredibly resourceful and teaches not only what he thinks you should know, but also takes into account what you want to learn which is really cool. He's a really charismatic, an amicable guy who really cares about his work and teaching. So much that he asks, "Did you learn anything today?" after every lesson, and I always did. After taking lessons with him (my last one is tomorrow), I feel way more equipped and prepared for college (I'm going Berklee College of Music this fall). Also, I feel like I've developed a cool enough relationship with Charles that allows me to ask him questions outside of our lessons, and he definitely answers. He is very genuine and a great teacher. I definitely recommend him."—Maya M.

"My son loves coming here for piano lessons. Their approach to teaching is encouraging and inspiring. Ian really looks forward to coming every week, which is something that didn't ever happen before with his previous piano teachers!"—Howard Y. Howard

A. Vasquez
"I have been going to sessions with Dudley's B Sharp Academy for 4 months now and I have already seen improvement in my singing and confidence. My instructor is a natural coach and encourager! I highly recommend him and his academy if you are looking to work on your technique and also build confidence behind your gift. Each session I leave more confident and closer to my goals as a singer. He is truly working from his passions and it's contagious; you will be challenged to activate your own passions. You will realize that you're not only there for lessons and technique but to recognize your own heart and story behind the gift which makes Dudley's B Sharp Music Academy so unique!"—A. Vasquez

"I LOVE Dudley's B Sharp Academy. My teacher's patient, unique, and organic way of teaching music and self-esteem stuck with me for life. He has been a true gem in my life. Once I sang for him, he told me to set a goal for myself to perform at an open mic. He taught me that can't was a curse word, I passed that on to my students. He described my sound to me so that I would hear what he heard, and appreciate what he embraced. He taught me piano accompaniments to the songs I wanted to sing. And when my crazy work schedule conflicted with my play time, he still showed me patience and accepted me where I was at. I learned on so many levels with him; it even made me more of a patient teacher myself. I recommend him to anyone wanting to explore their passion for music. He's it.:)"—P. Ghose P. Ghose

C. Chang
"I've had such a great experience with Dudley's B Sharp Academy. I've always wanted to learn gospel/jazz piano but been intimidated to do so because of the complexity in sound. Coming to Mr. Dudley, he not only demonstrated his proficiency in knowledge and skills but has an art of communicating it in a way that made it easy to grasp and understand. He was able to deconstruct what I had thought was complex into coherent components. Mr. Dudley is so patient and so encouraging all the time. I would highly recommend him!"—C. Chang

"Daryl is patient, caring, resourceful knowledgeable, a brilliant musician, and an even more brilliant musical instructor. Whatever skills you're looking to hone, he's got you covered. He gave me tips on ways to devote time to reaching my musical goals despite my busy schedule. And he's hilarious! He comes highly recommended!"—Akoto O.

"LOVE Dudley's B Sharp! He delivers exactly what he says, which is not always the case with other music instruction! When I called the academy, I was almost at a stopping point as I had lost my drive. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I came for my very first session. I was playing the same day! The instruction was designed specifically for me, and when I left I had the confidence to continue doing even more! I am happy to report that I am writing music again and couldn't be more happy! Thanks Daryl! You're the best! I pray God's blessing upon your business and ministry!"—Francina N.

"Great teacher. I lost track of how many songs I've already learned in the past year. Highly recommend."—Simeon A.

"I've been taking lessons from Daryl since October. I'm sounding like the "real McCoy" (ok, almost!). Can play my list without looking at the music. Daryl, you are so patient with adults; yes, you are the chief encouragement officer. I encourage all you adults out there to sign up with Dudley B Sharp."—Ellen H.